(Federal) Government Shutdown – Day xx

Well, the current partial shutdown of the Federal Government of the United States is now (on January 14, 2019) officially the longest such shutdown on record. Great.

When the Government re-opens – as it surely will – all of the government workers who are now “furloughed” will get paid what they would have earned if they’d been working. I assume that the contractors who aren’t currently being paid will get paid then as well.

So, what will be the eventual result of all this Government Theater? With the exception of some additional cost involved in the re-opening… nothing. Absolutely nothing.

If President Trump relents and agrees to sign a funding bill that does not include funding for the wall (or fence or moat or whatever – hereinafter referred to as “the wall”), it won’t get built.

If the Democrats relent and agree to fund the wall, it still won’t get built. Some person or group or business will file for an injunction in one of the liberal leaning Federal Circuit Courts and the court will issue the injunction. Or they’ll find out that there is some endangered insect on part of the border whose population would be negatively impacted by the wall and they’ll get some type of indefinite delay while “experts” study the situation. Or something else. Business as usual.

No matter what happens, the American people will be the losers. The Federal Government will continue to tax them, ignore their wants and needs, and spend their money to enrich themselves and their cronies.

Radically reducing the amount of money available to unaccountable Federal Government spendthrifts is the only way to save America. The Local Tax Plan is one way to do that.